Fixation Video Showreel

We’ve worked with some amazing companies and produced some incredible content for them, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Here are some snippets of some of them.

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The Register guide to memory cards

Produced for The Register, this series of videos looked at all the different forms of computer storage - from memory cards and hard drives to optical discs and SSDs. Featuring onscreen graphics and annotations to illustrate key points.

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ASUS at Computex 2012

ASUS wanted to showcase its new products being launched at the Computex computer show in Taipei. The videos were shot on location in the days prior to the show so they were ready to be released when the products were announced.

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Samsung at Mobile World Congress 2012

For the third year running Fixation Video provided Samsung’s on-site videos at the Mobile World Congress phone show in Barcelona. In addition to product videos, we also produced content to support Samsung’s activities at the show and in the surrounding city. Videos from the show have been viewed 500,000 times to date

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Samsung VisitBritain App Video

To support the launch of the Samsung VisitBritain app, Fixation Video created a demo video that incorporated shots of the app in action on various Samsung hero devices, footage from locations around Britain and motion graphics to tie it all together.

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Tesco Mobile Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play promo

When Tesco Mobile came to us asking for a video that illustrated the gaming capabilities of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, we had fun coming up with this concept. ‘Sweding’ classic video games, much like Jack Black in Be Kind Rewind, we filmed our own take on 8-bit classics

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Celebalike - App Show: Frackulous

As well as producing video for clients, we have our own daily show - Frackulous. We look at the hottest apps for all mobile phones, covering every platform from Android and iPhone to BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.
Our review of Celebalike was picked to feature on the front page of YouTube by the YouTube Gods

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Pocket Lint Awards 3D - made by Fixation Video on YouTube

3D Video for the Pocket Lint Awards

The Pocket Lint awards were held in a 3D cinema this year and what’s a 3D cinema screen without 3D footage? We filmed the nominated gadgets in stereo vision along with a quick intro from founder and editor Stuart Miles, producing a video to accompany the awards which looked great with that added third dimension.

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Nikon at Photokina

Nikon required videos to support its presence at Photokina 2010. All footage was filmed on Nikon DSLRs and edited on-site so it could be uploaded to YouTube the same day and then sent out via social media channels.

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Sony Champions League 3D Projection

To celebrate the Champions League Final in Madrid, Sony projected a spectacular 3D animation onto the buildings of Madrid’s Plaza Santa Ana. We were there to capture the action, and then set about presenting it in such a way that truly reflected the scale.

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Fixation Video - totally online obsessed

Fixation Video is an online video production company. If you need to create video for websites, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes or any online destination as quickly as possible then we can help. Everything we do is built around creating engaging content, whether you need it online tomorrow or in six months.

If you know who your customers are, we know how best to reach them. It could be videos showcasing your products the same day they’re announced, interviews to explain those Frequently Asked Questions or aligning your brand with your audience by sponsoring a long running video series. The amount of online video being watched is increasing each year and those viewers are not only highly engaged, but have an insatiable appetite for new content.

We specialise in online, because we know that’s where the future of video lies – YouTube in the living room, video podcasts on your commute, sharing videos on Facebook. In fact, that future is already here - we can help you make the most of it.

To contact us to discuss your ideas, email or call us on 020 3551 5221.